Steve McGinn


My approach to art is abstract and minimal, concentrating on the essence of a concept, using the pure elements of fine art, colour and form. Using the intensity of colour as well as freeing up compositional boundaries has allowed me to explore the differences between working with chance and control.

During the application of paints, inks, dyes, resin and other media the resulting interactions become complex and difficult to predict. Any resulting ambiguity invites the viewer to contribute their imagination, so completing the creative process without dictating it. I draw my inspiration from the limits of our understanding; unseen phenomena so large and so small that imagination is necessary to give them a tangible form.

Over the years, I’ve built up a complete confidence in my ability to both realise a piece of work and to develop an idea that is representational of any given subject. Past experience as a freelance sculptor working with a number of reputable, character-based companies has helped to refine my skills, precision and attention to detail as well as develop a discipline towards deadlines and commissions.

I am an artist in everything I do. Art has greatly enriched my life, fulfilling a compelling need to create; an addiction to the fleeting sense of discovery it brings. It is this ongoing process of discovery that I attempt to share.

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