Peter Beard


My work has always been inventive and I work in an intuitive way, constantly sketching and experimenting with new forms and processes. My forms are strong and simple, but have complex surfaces that draw the viewer to look more closely.

My influences come mainly from nature and landscape, from shells, stones and plants to the bigger visual panorama. The qualities of metal have always interested me. In particular, I am fascinated by ancient metal work from the Bronze and Iron ages.

My ceramic work uses techniques of layering glaze and painting patterns with wax between the layers of glaze, the wax acting as a resist for the next layer. This is a long and meticulous process that creates complex patterns and textures within the glazes. Alongside my wax resist work, I produce work that involves building up many thin layers of coloured clays and glaze over a long period of time, with multiple firings. After the final firing, the surface looks insignificant, but is then ground with diamond discs to reveal patterns within the structure of the object. These pieces take up to six months to complete and are extremely challenging to make, but the final results are unusual patterns with a silk-smooth, marble-like surface. The work is fired to stoneware temperatures.

Alongside my ceramic work, I also produce sculptural pieces in bronze and stone, and I continue to push the boundaries of my skills to produce timeless, beautiful objects that people will enjoy having in their homes and workplaces.

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