Rupert Dixon


My abstract geometric paintings are executed in acrylic and ink on canvas, and most are based on the floor plans of some of humanity’s greatest architectural achievements.

This new series represents a radical departure from my earlier body of work, while developing the fil rouge which has always informed my oeuvre. Whereas my earlier paintings captured the inevitable decline of the grand palaces, theatres and stately homes of Europe in imagined dream-like interiors, my new works pay tribute to these classic buildings’ enduring legacy in a modern and stylish tableau.

By referring to ever-popular abstract artistic movements from the mid-20th century, such as expressionism, minimalism and geometric abstraction, I also continue to discuss the relationship between changing fashions and enduring appeal. Rather than portraying the inevitability of grand decline, my geometric abstract images convey the hope I find in our human ability to build purposefully on solid and enduring foundations in every aspect of life.

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