Philip Hearsey


For more than thirty years I was involved, one way or the other, with interiors and it is inevitable that this influenced the way I think. Although a hands-on approach and the satisfaction of actual making now dominate my life, I cannot help but see sculptures in an interior context.

For years I loved wood and now I love bronze, too! They are both materials with special qualities to be wrought into physical objects.

My work is instinctive and spontaneous. Sometimes I make a quick sketch, but mostly I have an idea in my head, often sparked by something I have seen in nature, and I turn this into a three-dimensional reality.

The pattern for sand-casting is the first step in a process and is essentially important because, although the casting may embody the basic form, it is capable of many changes before refining, patinating, polishing and finishing to achieve the desired outcome.

What is in my head when I make a work has a meaning for me that is completely personal. I choose names with care and a certain ambiguity; they are not intended to be prescriptive, but to leave room for a spectator’s own interpretation and to complete their own story.

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