Michael Alan-Kidd


I strive for excellent craftsmanship and fine, realistic detail.

The four greatest influences on my art come from Picasso, Bacon, and 1930s Dali and Vermeer. Picasso, who wanted to remain stylistically and conceptually versatile, brought a certain freshness and creativity to his work and this is uppermost in my outlook. This approach shines a light on much bland figurative painting that adorns galleries today.

While the Brit Art environment is undoubtedly commercially successful, one wonders about the artistic merit of a shark in a tank, an unmade bed, a tent with graffiti on it, expressionless body molds, and so on. In my view, the public need something different, with true, appealing authenticity. Making a painting of a bed is a far more radical transformation of that object than just placing the bed in a gallery.

These almost nihilistic items are based on the principle of Marcel Duchamp and the Dadaist movement when Duchamp exhibited a urinal in 1917. Brit Art treats these works as exciting, new and shocking. I don’t agree. I look for a less pseudo-comfortable, intellectual stance and attempt to be an enigma who stimulates his audience into exploring new ideas with worthy substance. True artistry is a journey of self-discovery of the mind using the traditional techniques and when the two aspects come together we have an intriguing and stimulating outlook on life.

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