Melanie Hodge


Mixing personal and universal symbols drawn from a range of folklore traditions, my work celebrates the power we have to transform ourselves through unexpected journeys, opening our hearts to wonder and following our dreams.

Characters take on personalities of their own in the course of the painting process, pursuing unknowable quests with animal totems emerging as guides along the way. Like ‘wishing on a star’ or ‘stepping through a looking glass’, I create works touched with fairy tale magic. They offer escape from everyday anxieties.

From signing my name backwards to building a spiral of stars, one cocktail stick pinprick at a time, my process is time-consuming and meticulous, requiring months and sometimes years to bring an idea from its initial sketch to its finished form. Rich in layers and vibrant colours, concepts evolve continuously throughout the painting process until each pane of plain, ordinary window glass has been transformed into something extraordinary.

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