My mainly figurative work is influenced by the delicate draughtsmanship of the Art Deco era and the vibrant colours of Pop Art.

Every image begins with a line drawing, the curves and flow being the most important primary source of the idea. I am particularly inspired by faces and the human form in fluid motion, trying to pare down each element and feature to the minimum necessary to convey a mood or attitude. Bringing these lines to life with colour gives me a thrill; finding the right combination, sometimes vibrant, sometimes subtle.

I produce original paintings, usually paired with a glass piece, and have recently begun to combine painting with glass to produce three-dimensional, wall-hung work. I began experimenting with the glass medium a few years ago and have settled on a vocabulary of techniques including deep engraving and water-jet cutting, silver and gold enamelling and HD printing.

My most recent project has been to design and commission glass-featured furniture, with exhibitions during London Design Week and Decorex International.

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