Dominic Snow


The key ingredients in one of my murals are: fun, strong colour and details that can’t all be taken in by a casual glance. Many of them, particularly those aimed at children, feature animals and creatures in situations that lend themselves to storytelling. I aim to make a mural that a child will not tire of too quickly and that rewards contemplation.

When the mural is not designed to engage children in particular, it will still feature the humour, hidden detail and interest that have become my trademark, but these things can be more subtle.

Most of my murals have been based on briefs developed with the client, where I make suggestions when we meet on site, facing the walls in question, and based on an outline idea they might have.

I then spend some time working through some compositional ideas, sketched out in watercolour, and bring those back to the client. This can be done within a couple of hours on site or delivered later, depending on circumstances.

The time it takes to paint a finished mural can vary from three days for a small one to fourteen days for a large one, such as at the Planet Hollywood restaurant and bar.

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