Charlie Macpherson


I create unique pieces of hand-blown contemporary glass. My approach balances the simplicity of the forms with a more complicated use of line and pattern.

My work inevitably starts in the hot glass workshop, using blown glass techniques. I aim to build up layers of glass with each ‘gather’ – the molten glass on the end of the pipe –enabling me to create a depth and thickness to the glass that is important in the polishing stages to expose its optical qualities of refraction and reflection of light.

Each piece is usually built up from six or seven layers, starting with glass shards of different colours. I will take a couple of gathers of each colour before creating details using glass ‘canes’. Canes are rods of coloured glass, often featuring a transparent colour overlaying a white, to create fine tones within the details. I melt the cane into the hot glass before taking a further two or three gathers of clear glass. Once the preparation has been completed, the pieces are blown into their intended shapes, often leaving a thickness of glass to be exposed in the polishing process.

Once cool, the pieces are taken through seven stages of cutting and grinding before being textured, sand blasted and given their final polish.

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