Amanda Notarianni


I design and make distinctive contemporary glass, using traditional glass-making techniques to create unique hand-blown, sculptural forms. I enhance my sleek, free-blown pieces using skilful cold-working processes such as cutting, carving and polishing, to create surface patterns and textures, which hold light and magnify reflections.

My initial inspiration to make studio glass came from seeing images of microscopic plankton, but I see my work as more evolutionary now, with each piece informing the next.

I really enjoy the challenge of working with a material that continuously pushes me to develop skills and understanding. Molten glass is such a dynamic material to work with.

I make my innovative, ultra-modern pieces to commission, with projects ranging from public art commissions to architectural lighting and one-off sculptural vessels. My work can be seen in exhibitions internationally and I have pieces in both private and public collections.

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