May 2016

The first news this month is that we’re featured in the London issue of the well-respected Bridge for Design magazine. That means nearly 10,000 more interior designers working on properties in the London area will have a chance to download our spring collection of art!


More 3D art!

If you read my April blog, you will know that we’re aiming to include more three-dimensional art in our second collection, to be published in September. I’m pleased to say that a number of highly talented and internationally collected makers of beautiful glass, ceramic and bronze sculptures have agreed to being featured and I’ll announce their names closer to publication date. The inclusion of their work will certainly raise the profile of Gallery MURO among designers working on luxury interiors.

Latest guest blog now out!

Rupert Dixon picI’m also pleased to announce the latest in our series of guest blogs by artists and designers. Rupert Dixon worked for many years as an interior designer, but has also interiors as a subject for his paintings.

Rupert has written a stimulating and thought provoking piece about the role of art in interior design. I welcome your comments on Rupert’s piece and any other art and interior design matters.




Until next month…good designing!


Simon de Pinna
Gallery MURO

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