January 2016

To all our new subscribers

2016 has certainly hit the ground running! I’ve visited lots of artists in their studios in the past month or so and I’m pleased to say that 20 creators of stunning contemporary art have now confirmed for our spring 2016 catalogue, which we’ll publish online and in print at the beginning of March.

And unlike most catalogues of art you might have seen, we won’t be photographing artworks in contrived room settings; unusually, you’ll see them set against the walls of rooms and spaces illustrated in a single colour. In that way, we think the artworks will be enhanced by the backgrounds instead of disappearing amongst the furnishings and accessories. I’ll show you a few sample spreads in the February blog, so you can get a flavour of the look-and-feel of the catalogue.

It’s been a challenge, but also a lot of fun, selecting the right art at the right prices to feature in the catalogue. The themes for the spring issue include:

• Colour, line and shape
• Coast
• Land
• City
• Flower
• Body
• Glass

But our catalogue also reflects our emphasis on the artist. So you’ll also see that we give each artist their own double-page spread in which they describe their practice and inspirations. We feature examples of their best work, which will either be for sale or will serve to illustrate the style of art you can commission and the price you’ll pay.

Last but not least, we’ve secured the services of a superb printer and framer, a firm of craftsmen with more than 35 years’ experience in mounting and framing fine art. I’ll introduce the ‘framing team’ in my next blog.

So…lots of exciting developments in the run up to publication of the spring 2016 Gallery MURO catalogue.
Best wishes for an art-filled and successful 2016!


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